About Shanon

Welcome, my name is Shanon. I have been working at Lots with great pleasure since June 2021. Lotte and I got to know each other years ago as colleagues at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam. I really enjoy working with her again in my “own” city!


I’ll put “own” in quotes, because as soon as you meet me you’ll hear that I’m originally from the southern regions of the country. I obtained my Sports Massage diploma in 2006 after spending too much time studying psychology. A good move, because 15 years later I still enjoy massaging! And I am far from tired of it because there is so much more to learn in this beautiful profession.


I moved to Utrecht more than ten years ago to move in with my partner, and I feel completely at home here. In Utrecht I continued to develop and expand my skills with courses at various training institutes and freelance work in addition to my regular work at Spa Zuiver. Over the years I have mastered different massage techniques and I like to make a nice mix of them during my treatments, tailored to your needs.

Your welcome for my massage treatments every thursday, see you at Lots!