About Sonja

My name is Sonja van Meer (1968) In February 2018 I will be working at Lots massage. I will start the Wednesday- and Thursday morning. But working towards march I will cover Lotte’s maternity leave.

Seven years ago I started my study to become foot reflex therapist. I was fascinated by the abilities of the human body, and I still am. Along the way I got interested and practiced in more massage techniques to be able to release the body of blockages.

From the foot reflex on I got more interest in the body massages as well. Especially relaxation massage and deep tissue massage  attracted my attention. That’s why I fit in so well at Lots massage.

In all the massages I give I strive to create awareness of body and mind. A balanced life starts with a well balanced body: being able to relax muscle tissue I the first step to this goal.

Just like Lotte I work at different places to practice my massage work, so I keep developing my techniques. I massage at sport events, I am available for chair massages at offices and  I do freelance work at Spa Sereen in Maarssenveen.

Check out my website to read more about me and my skills. www.voettaal.com (Sorry, it’s only in Dutch)

See you soon at Lots!