Massage and Yoga

For over eight years I have been studying the art of relaxation. First I learned all about massage, later on I started studying yoga as well.

The purpose of (relaxation)massage is that you get completely relaxed, laying on the massage table. The massage therapist makes sure that your body relaxes, so painful and stiff areas of the body will relax again. By manipulating the soft tissues like muscles, tendons and connective tissue, tension will decrease and stress will be reduced. In this way, your attention moves more and more from your mind to your body. This will mean your mind relaxes as much as your body. With the deep massages you can help to relax actively by keeping your breath calm and steady during intens moments and trying to let go any resistance.

In yoga, you are actively working on relaxation. In yoga class you will learn to experience what is happening in your body. I will teach you how to recognize tension and relaxation in your body by means of awareness exercises. Breathing plays a major role in this process. By combining body awareness and breathing, you can fully relax and find an overall balance. You will learn to get out of your mind and into your body with your attention. This will make sure you know what to do when you are restless or feeling out of balance.

For me, It all started during my travels in Asia. I noticed Asian people paying so much attention to the relaxation of body and mind. In Asia, unlike in the Netherlands, you can get massages everywhere! I signed up for a massage course on the spot in Chiang Mai and loved it right away.

When I felt I gained enough experience in the Netherlands, I started my own massage practice, where I helped many customers release tension in their bodies. Most complaints have to do with a dis-balance between tension and relaxation, both mentally and physically. Most customers already have advanced complaints when I see them for the first time. Although it makes me very happy to help people get rid of their physical complaints, I would rather see them preventively. I prefer to massage as a preservation of good health.

In the thesis I wrote for my yoga teacher training, I investigated how to contribute to a more sustainable recovery of common complaints. The combination of yoga and massage proved to be a nice solution.

By yoga you will learn to help yourself in times of stress and regain your balance. By learning to recognize stress and tension in time, you will be able to better take care of yourself. You will learn to recognize when you could use an extra massage to help you relax.

My advice? Have a massage every month and maintain the relaxation through yoga.

Or find your balance through yoga and tip it up with massages.

One way or the other:  You are welcome at all times!

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