Foot reflex massage

‘Back in balance’

Body and mind are connected.  When this connection is free flowing and balanced, there is harmony, and a feeling of wellbeing will follow. Your feet are forming the solid base of your body and have a huge influence on the way you stand in life.

A blockage of the flow of energy often causes discomforts in the body, such as aches, pain, disease. The blockage can be detected and treated through specific pressure points on the feet.

Reflexology massage has a deep calming effect on the whole body and mind.  Energy flows, and tensions from the body will be gently released through the feet, leaving the mind more relaxed and calm in the proces.

Reflexology can help soothe the body in a natural way with various complaints such as: stress, fatigue, headaches, digestive dificulties, hormonal disorders, muscle and joint problems, urinary tract symptoms and allergies.

Sonja is the only one at LOT’s yoga and massage studio who masters foot reflex therapy, and is licenced.

During the treatments Sonja works on meridians and acupressure points from Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Meridians are ‘rivers of energy’ that nurture the body and keep body functions balanced).  She does not only treat the feet, but incorporates a relaxing massage for the under legs, untill just over the knee, along the meridians.

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