Lomi lomi

“For rejuvenating energy”


This massage can be booked with Liesbeth only.


Imagine yourself lying on a tropical beach, in the shallows, while warm ocean waves soothe and caress your body and soul. This is what a Lomi Lomi massage aspires. Lomi Lomi is renowned for its’ fluid, dancelike movements which flow from head to feet and back again. To make this possible, it is customary that the client does not wear any underwear. You will not be completely naked of course; you will be safely coverend by a sarong. However, if you really wish to wear underwear, make sure to bring an extra pair, or wear something which you don’t mind getting oily.


Traditional to Lomi Lomi, coconut oil is used during the massage to provide a smooth glide. It’s also slightly more oily than you might be used to at Lots. A washcloth and some water can be used afterwards to freshen up a bit, if you wish.


Lomi Lomi originates from Hawaii and is part of the traditional Kahuna healing practitioners. Lomi Lomi stands for a loving embrace, trust and letting go. Because of Lomi’s soothing nature, it may heal trauma and anxienties that lie deeply rooted into the subconscious system. While it may be soft to the touch, it is not neccesarily an ‘easy’ massage. The experience can sometimes be intense, but this will never be forced. It will, of course, also take care of tired muscles and the usual stuck back, neck and shoulders and hips. The belly and face will also be included in the massage, since a lot of emotional tension is stored in these areas.


Afterwards, you will feel refreshed and full of energy, as if someone hit the reset button.