Massage courses@Lots:

The courses are private. You and your partner, your friend or family member. It is all possible! You will only get taught a relaxing type of massage. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to check out the courses.

(Review) This course was definitely a fun and educational experience. Lotte gives clear instructions and encourages. You never get the feeling that you’re doing something wrong. She gives useful feedback. After four sessions, we learned heaps and massaged quite a lot. And the nice thing is, if you do it together you can motivate each other to go ahead with it. Keri & André   

Deep tissue courses@Esoterra:

When the course above doesn’t challenge you enough and you are looking into becoming a professional massage practitioner check out Esoterra located in Bilthoven. Both massage therapists and new-by’s are welcome to learn at this accredited institute for high quality teaching.

Begin of 2021 I started teaching the deep tissue techniques at Esoterra, https://www.esoterra.nl/product/cursus-deep-tissue-massage-module-1/ More courses coming up!


Lotsyoga: There are no yoga classes at the moment.