Yoga for adults

I provide the yoga mats, dress comfi and bring something warm for the relaxation at the end of the class. Don’t forget your waterbottle! The classes are taught in Dutch.

Tuesday evening: 19:00-20:30 (full) & 21:00-22:30 Wednesday evening: 20:00-21:30

When you join the class you pay the fee of €47,50 at the start of each month per bank account. (IBAN:NL91 TRIO 0198 4033 64) When you decide to quit taking classes, you have to let me know a month in advance. If you pay for the whole season (ten months) in one you get a €5,- discount.

When you are interested you can get a free trial class. There is a maximum of ten yogi’s per class. There are no yoga classes in the school holidays and July and August are summerbreak. If you miss out on class there is the opportunity to catch up in one of the other classes when there is free space. Just ask!

To sign up: or register.