Sustainability is very important in the way I run my business. Below I will give you a view examples:

All the towels used in hairdressers Ginger and in my massage salon are ecofriendly towels from Neweco. The microfiber textile saves us twice as much room in the washing machine, because the towels are very light weight. This way we save energy up to 50%. Another advantage of microfiber towels is that these are highly recommended to people with sensitive skins and allergies.

We use laundry detergent from Seepje. Seepje produces natural laudry detergents and all-purpose cleaners based on the Nepalese Sapindus mukorossi. All products of Seepje are for sale in our shop!

The oil I use for massage is from Pura Total, a company with a passion for purity. They offer a select choice of natural oils, wax, butters and essential oils. All animal friendly and free of additives. I use Pura Total basic almond oil for massage and have an option for macadamia oil, grape seed oil and apricot oil.