Terms and conditions Massage

I like your treatment(s) to be as relaxed as possible so I have prepared a number of general rules. If you have an appointment at Lots I assume you have read the terms and agree.

  1. In case you can’t make it in time, you should indicate this as soon as possible. If you cancel the appointment on the day itself or if you forget the appointment, the treatment will be fully charged.
  2. The duration of the treatment includes the purchase and (un)dressing time. Therefore, it is best if you arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. You may use the waiting area in salon Ginger any time.
  3. If you’re late for an appointment, Lots may shorten the time of treatment.
  4. Hygiene is important to Lots. Obviously this is also expected of the customer.
  5. Lots has the right, with any reason to exclude a customer. The costs expire in this case.
  6. Gift vouchers are only valid for one year after issuance.
  7. Gift vouchers need to be handed over before the treatment sequence begins.
  8. Lots massage practice is not liable for damage, theft or loss of personal belongings of the customer.