Cecilia - 5 sterren

Amazing! I went to the appointment thinking that maybe I would not get what I wanted, but I was so wrong! Sonja did an amazing work on my back, neck, head, and arms. I even fell asleep. I took 45minutes massage but I wish I have taken an hour. She understood completely what I needed and did a fantastic job. Will come back for sure! 🙂

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Simply Excellent!

Zegt Mirjam en gaf 5 sterren.

Was weer heel fijn en goed!

Zegt Annette en gaf 5 sterren.

Heerlijk ontspannen uit de massage gekomen, precies wat ik nodig had! Tjitske had ook rekening gehouden met mijn zwangere buik en gevoelige huid, wat heel fijn is.

Zegt Stefanie en gaf 5 sterren.